Chatham Kent Minor Ball Hockey League



Ten game season plus playoffs.  Playoffs will be a semi-final and then finals.  There will also be a consolation final.

Please inquire if you wish to coach or players want to play in Provincials

Game Rules

  • Three minute warm up before game
  • Home team starts with game sheet and hands over to away team
  • Two 15 minute stop time periods (one minute break between periods)
  • Two Referees per game (mandatory) and must be certified by OBHA
  • Make sure a goalie is able to attend and have a backup plan
  • Borrowed goalie equipment must be returned 
  • Teams must start on home or away side as per schedule and switch ends between periods
  • Players will have jerseys supplied by their teams and returned at end of season (supplied by local businesses and used for future seasons)
  • 5 vs 5 with a goalie
  • Mercy rule will start if a team is up by more than five goals, the clock will continue to run
  • Teams must have one coach present on the bench to start the game
  • One timeout per team per period
  • Last two minutes are stop time, if the leading team has less than a five goal lead
  • If tied after two periods, a three man shootout will decide the game
  • No water bottles on the floor at any time
  • Water breaks (for goalies) may be taken if arena is hot

Playing Rules

  • Faceoffs will occur after every referee stoppage 
  • No touch icing is in affect
  • Floating blue line is in affect, offsides are in affect when not passed
  • Two minute penalties are issued for minor infractions
  • No fighting, player will be suspended for season with no refund
  • Slap Shots Are Allowed in The Bantam Division Only


Draft Rules

  • All players will be drafted, then goalie
  • Players will be sorted by age
  • Highest level of hockey played to the lowest level of hockey played
  • Snake order draft (1 through 4, then 4 through 1)
  • Coaches will pick number from hat to determine who receives first overall
  • All coaches must contact their teams' drafted players
  • Players that have to be drafted together go in as two players. The team that drafted both players will have to pass on the next round of the draft and the teams that are drafting will have to draft same caliber of player with the same hockey experience as of both players that were drafted