Chatham Kent Minor Ball Hockey League


Coach's Meetings

Mandatory Coaches Meeting 2024 Season

The List is below as Followed:

Draft Night

Tyke U-6 Division

Thurs April 4 @ 7:00pm 

Novice U-9 Division

Tues April 9 @ 7:00pm​

Pee-Wee U-12 Division

Weds April 3 @ 7:00pm

Bantam U-16 Division

Mon April 8 @ 7:00pm


  • All coaches will pick their teams by drafting players in their respective divisions in snake order (1 through 4 then 4 through 1). 
  • All coaches will receive their team jerseys and a rule book on their draft night. 
  • All coaches will contact their players they have drafted to their team promptly.

Police Record Checks

Mandatory For Coaches for the 2024 Season

Police Record Checks

ALL Coaches and assistant coaches must have a Police Record Check for the 2024 season. This is a mandatory requirement from the OBHA. A valid police check must be presented before the start of the season in order to be on the bench. When entering the dressing room- 2 coaches need to be in the dressing room at all times. All players are required to arrive in game clothing or in a base layer, (tshirt/tank top, shorts, etc.). Players may change in a closed washroom stall if completely changing.   

Need Help Getting a Police Record Check 

Go to the Chatham Police Station on King Street West. Ask for a vulnerable sector check for volunteering to be a ball hockey coach. It costs $15, once you get it will need a copy of it to send to the OBHA head office.

Referees Uniforms

Referee Uniforms

1. Shirts            All referees must wear a striped white and black shirt, with                                  vertical lines

2. Shorts           Shorts must be solid black

3. Shoes            Running shoes are mandatory

4. Hats              No headwear may be worn during games 

5. Whistle         All referees must use a whistle to blow plays dead

           All Referees Will be paid $25.00 per Game per Referee

2 Referees per Game is Required

League Convenors

Play off Weekend of Champions



Jerseys are supplied by our sponsors