Chatham Kent Minor Ball Hockey League


Coach's Meetings

Mandatory Coaches Meeting 2024 Season

The List is below as Followed:

Draft Night

Tyke U-6 Division

Thurs April 4 @ 7:00pm 

Novice U-9 Division

Tues April 9 @ 7:00pm​

Pee-Wee U-12 Division

Weds April 3 @ 7:00pm

Bantam U-16 Division

Mon April 8 @ 7:00pm


  • All coaches will pick their teams by drafting players in their respective divisions in snake order (1 through 4 then 4 through 1). 
  • All coaches will receive their team jerseys and a rule book on their draft night. 
  • All coaches will contact their players they have drafted to their team promptly.


Draft Rules

  • All players will be drafted, then goalie
  • Players will be sorted by age
  • Highest level of hockey played to the lowest level of hockey played
  • Snake order draft (1 through 4, then 4 through 1)
  • Coaches will pick number from hat to determine who receives first overall
  • All coaches must contact their teams' drafted players
  • Players that have to be drafted together go in as two players. The team that drafted both players will have to pass on the next round of the draft and the teams that are drafting will have to draft same caliber of player with the same hockey experience as of both players that were drafted 

League Convenors

Tyke Division Coach's

Bantam U-16 Coach's

Novice Division Coach's

Pee Wee U-12 Coach's