Chatham Kent Minor Ball Hockey League


Referees That Need your OBHA Cards

Referee List For the 2023 Season

Referees List

Floyd Fennema                     

Garry Wellington

Paul Marchant

Greg VanDyke

OBHA Referee

OBHA Referee

Referees Uniforms

Referee Uniforms

1. Shirts            All referees must wear a striped white and black shirt, with                                  vertical lines

2. Shorts           Shorts must be solid black

3. Shoes            Running shoes are mandatory

4. Hats              No headwear may be worn during games 

5. Whistle         All referees must use a whistle to blow plays dead

           All Referees Will be paid $25.00 per Game per Referee

2 Referees per Game is Required

OBHA Referee Chief of Ball Hockey

OBHA Referee Chief

Floyd Fennema 

Phone Number 1-226-627-0526 

O.B.H.A Referee

OBHA Referee

O.B.H.A Referee


All referees for the 2024 season need to attend:

Referee Course- April 14th 

9 AM

Thames Campus- Blue Line Room