Whistler Sportsmans Hockey Association


League Rules

Both Divisions will follow the CARHA Rulebook except in instances where we have written custom rules to suit our league. Here is a summary :


Notable League Specific Rules:

  • mandatory visor or facemask and mouth guard (insurance)
  • 3 penalty in one game = game ejection (first coincidental penalty in the game not counted towards the total penalties)
  • Teams must field 7 skaters and a goalie to make a game otherwise a default and a loss of 2 points will occur
  • There are no restrictions to picking up subs to reach a number of up to 7 skaters. If a team wishes to pickup additional skaters (rostered on other teams), they must get the approval of the opposing team in advance.
  • There are no restrictions on subs not rostered on any other teams
  • Playoff Eligibility: players must play 10 games in order to be eligible for playoffs (this rue avoids ringers in the playoffs) Exception: players paid in full for the individuals team are automatically eligible for playoffs (since they are deemed not to be ringers)
  • All players must be properly registered and on the gamesheet to be eligible to play, ne players must provide full name a valid email on the gamesheet before stepping on ice
  • dressing room assignments will be posted by the muni on monitors in the lobby
  • Game Length: 3 x 15min periods (stop time)
  • Warmup: 5:00 running time
  • Rules to keep the game on time:
    -The 5min warm up clock will start as soon as the Zamboni doors closes. If the Zamboni if off the ice early then the clock will start at the scheduled game time
    -Following the warmup, 17 min will be placed on the game clock and it will start running, first stoppage will be after first whistler of the game (if teams are slow to get ready, they will lose out on game time). If your goalie is not ready then you will play with 6 skaters.- Period 3 Mercy Rule: If there is a 5 goal difference at any time during the 3rd period, the clock will switch to running time. If during the 3rd period the goal difference falls below 5 then it will be stop time again.
    -Other Tools to keep games on time: if game gets out of hand with penalties, etc, Timekeeper and Referees can switch to running time at their discretion.
  • Abuse of officials (verbal or otherwise) will not be tolerated - please see "Code of Conduct" and "Suspension Policy" for more details

Team Fines:

  • Any teams violating Muni Policies will be liable for payment of fines levied  
  • Any teams defaulting a game will receive a $150 fine
    (other team will be credited $150). 


Suspension policy was created based on CARHA Guidelines with amendments specific to our league:

Suspension Policy

Note: For SECTION 3, from  2017 forward it has been decided that the suspension committee for any given incident will consist of 3 board members whose teams were not involved in the incident. The suspension committee is only used for major suspensions of 3+ games.

Suspension Guidelines Chart


Code of Conduct

The Whistler Sportsmans Hockey Association (WSHA) is committed to the principles of fair play, good sportsmanship and, most of all, providing a safe and fun environment for players of all calibres. While remaining competitive, we strive to ensure that rules are in place to ensure the safety of our players. We acknowledge that the nature of the game may sometimes get the best of us, but we ask that all players exercise self-restraint and common sense in the heat of play.

In situations where it is felt that a player jeopardizes another player’s well-being and/or safety either intentionally or through reckless play, verbal abuse or intimidation, a warning or suspension will be issued.  Depending on the severity of the player's action, the length of the suspension will be determined by the Executive with input from the Team Captains and Referees and reference made to the Association Suspension Policy. Further incidents by the player may result in a season long or permanent suspension with no refund. Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated by the association under any circumstances.

This is your league.  Play safe … have fun … respect your teammates, opponents, and game officials.

  The WSHA Board of Directors


Muni Policies and Alcohol

In order to respect our community, please ensure that:

1) Dressing rooms can be used for 30min only after a game.

2) No Empties left in the dressing room

3) No consumption of alcohol in the stands or “Tail Gating” in the parking lot