About VDHL

About VDHL

VDHL 2022 is on! If you're interested in joining us this summer, please fill in this Google Form (click here) or contact at [email protected] for additional details.

Purpose of Vancouver Draft Hockey League

We are a local hockey league that exclusively runs in the summer time. The vision and purpose of this league, which makes it different than others, are:

  • From season to season, a draft we will occur to mix up teams and players again.

    • This creates an avenue to meet new people and play with old and new friends.

  • Volunteer help with refereeing and scorekeeping and a portion of registration fees are donated to charities and good causes.

    • Intentional about giving back to the community. We donated $800 in our pilot season in 2018 and $3,500 in 2019 to Canucks Autism Network!

  • Affordable!

    • One of my main goals is to make hockey affordable for the recreational player.

  • Consistent game day and game times.

    • Sundays are for #hockey.

  • A Co-ed league that welcomes all skill levels.

    • Any skill level is welcome! The draft system at the beginning of the season creates balanced and competitive teams.

  • Most importantly, a safe and fun hockey culture and community!

    • Don't take things too seriously. We are here to have fun, not play dirty. This is not the show.

Contact Information:

Paul Chong

[email protected]

Instagram: @vancouverdrafthockeyleague