About Us


The Michigan Senior Hockey League was born from the ashes of the old Union, Fortress and Metropolitan Leagues, the ideas and the hard lessons learned from the old leagues where brought to the new MSHL.

Instead of focusing on recruiting ex Junior and other top level players, the MSHL focused on taking in every player and excluding guys, allowing players who have not played a high level of hockey to participate in a well balanced, exciting league, The MSHL also took out checking which was a hampered recruiting efforts for some teams from the old leagues. 

The Michigan Senior League will focus primarily in expanding throughout the entire state, having teams compete in a 4-8 team division for the Regular Season and earn a free trip to a Pro Facility and a weekend getaway to play other division champions from all over the state and a chance to be crowned State Champions.


Games are played in 2, 20 minute halves instead of periods and overtime consist of a 3 man shootout, with the home team shooting last. Teams can get as creative as they wish, they can design and name there own teams (teams are not allowed to name them after a sponsor), create or choose there goal horns and warmup music, teams are rewarded for there creativity (by way of earning discounts and gear for there team) and teams are not allowed to recruit any players from juniors- high travel- pro or college circuits to help with creating a balanced league.


Our goal is to build an statewide, 18 division and 144 team league.