• The purpose of the tournament is to have fun, meet new people, cheer each other on, and most importantly - play hockey.
  • Good sportsmanship, fair play, positive behaviour, and the occasional chirp is encouraged.
  • Bullying and intimidation (social, verbal, and physical) is not allowed.
  • Zero tolerance for criminal behaviour.

Individuals who exhibit behaviour damaging to safety, sportsmanship, and the spirit of hockey will be warned, and if necessary, removed from the tournament.


Rois du Froid 2020 - Montreal features two divisions in which a maximum of 8 teams and players will compete based on their registered skill levels. 

RDF organizers reserve the right to move players/teams between divisions to adjust for fair play.


    1. All requests will be considered but cannot be guaranteed - RDF will do their best to accommodate them.
    2. Registered teams will have no limit on their roster, but cannot have more than 15 eligible (see 2.1 and 2.2) skaters for each game.
    3. Mandatory ID checks will occur for each playoff game to ensure eligibility and fair play.

    1. All players and goalies must be registered with Rois du Froid 2020 - Vancouver and paid their registration fees in full prior to participating in any tournament games.  Players are not permitted on the ice until they have registered.
    2. Players must sign the waiver form online or at the rink prior to playing.
  • Players must be a minimum age of 18.
  • If the player is under the age of 18, a legal guardian over the age of 18 must authorize their participation and also sign the waiver.
  • It is the captain’s responsibility to ensure all players in attendance are marked on the gamesheet.
  • Players must be dressed and ready to play before the start of the second period of regulation time.  Any player arriving after the start of the second period will not be eligible to play.
  • If a player is found to be ineligible during a game, any goals that player was involved in (scored, assisted) will be removed from the score and scoresheet.  The team will be given a delay of game minor penalty, and the player ejected from the game.
  • Players must be dressed and ready to play before the start of the second period of regulation time.  Any player arriving after the start of the second period will not be eligible to play.
  • Every team has the right to request an ID check for any opposing player for the duration of the playoffs.

1. Jerseys

    • Teams must wear matching jerseys of the same color.  
    • Numbers can be taped on.

2. Gamesheet

    • Prior to the end of warmup an official from each team must confirm the attendance of their team’s roster and ensure the accuracy of their players names and numbers on the supplied gamesheet.
    • Due to insurance and eligibility requirements, official game rosters must be updated and confirmed to be accurate by the captain of each team prior to every game and confirmed by the start of the 2nd period. All captains must legibly print and sign their own names on each official game roster. Any persons other than the teams registered players and team officials on the bench area must also sign the official game roster for insurance purposes.
    • Forging or signatures may result in a player’s disqualification or a team default of the game. It is the responsibility of the team representative to ensure all players have signed their names on the game roster prior to the game.
      There will be one random Photo ID check at the start of each game. Failure to provide proof of proper photo ID disqualifies you from participating in that game.
    • Teams have no maximum number of players on their roster, but cannot have a game roster exceeding 16 players (15 skaters and 1 goalie) for each game.  Captains should manage and ensure that their players are eligible for playoffs (section 4.2)
  1. RULES

1. Gameplay

    • Goalies and players must wear full protective equipment. Rois du Froid, Hockey Community, and the city of McMasterville are not responsible for any injury arising from faulty or inadequate equipment.
    • Each game will be divided into three 10 minute periods of run-time play.  A five minute warmup begins each ice time.
    • Timeouts: Teams are entitled to one 60 second timeout during each game.
    • Ties: In the event of a tie after regulation time expires, a tie will be recorded.

2. Playoffs

    • Single elimination games
    • Teams are seeded based on their record in the three round robin games.
    • Tiebreakers are considered in the following order:
      • Wins
      • Losses
      • Head-to-Head
      • Goals For / Goals Against differential
    • Finals for each division will consist of three 10 minute run-time periods.
    • In the event of a tie score at the end of regulation time, a non-timed, 3-on-3 overtime period will be played until one team scores.
    • Players must have played a minimum of 2 round robin games to qualify for playoffs.

3. Penalties

    • All decisions made by the referee team (both officials on the ice and the head referee in the event of added disciplinary action) are final and cannot be argued.
      • Verbal abuse of officials will not be tolerated
      • Zero tolerance policy will apply for physical abuse of officials.  Offenses will result in automatic ejection from the tournament.
    • Occurrence of a penalty
      • Any penalty will result in a penalty shot. The player against whom the offense was called will take the shot unless injured.
      • The puck must continue in a forward motion at all times during the penalty shot attempt.
    • Delayed penalty
      • If a goal is scored on a delayed penalty by the non offending team, the goal will be counted and the penalty shot nullified.
    • Fighting
      • Fighting results in a major penalty and a game misconduct.  Any player assessed a major penalty will be ejected from the tournament. 


Hockey Community offers non-tangible services and does not issue refunds for online payments. As a member, you are responsible for abiding by these terms upon purchase of this event. 

We recognize that extenuating circumstances may arise which would make attending the event difficult. Therefore, we may honour a request for a refund if you provide another paying player to replace you. Certain situations may be reviewed and acknowledged. 

Please note that refunds will be credited towards a future HC drop-in. Credits are not transferable from floor, roller and ice hockey. Our Support Team is always eager to assist you in a professional and timely manner. Thank you for playing hockey in your community!


If you have a question, feel free to email us at [email protected] Please give us 12-24 hours for our support team to get back to you on your request.

By signing up for the tournament, you agree to these terms.