Planet Ice Delta
Provincial Championships

Boomers Division

Beer Naked Ladies
54100825704-0-0-00.800WIN 2
Kitsilano Kanakas
532006101903-0-0-00.600LOSS 1
Lady Black Stars
40400051400-0-0-00.000LOSS 4

Officepools Division

She Devils 
33000631403-0-0-01.000WIN 3
Hot Flashes
4310069503-0-0-00.750LOSS 1
Mugsy's Mavericks
3120027601-0-0-00.333LOSS 2
Snohomish County
312002132301-0-0-00.333WIN 1
Wenatchee WildFire
30300062800-0-0-00.000LOSS 3

League News

Important Message 


we will be starting June 15th. 

 PAHL Website 

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Mandatory Use of Mask or

Face Covering within 



  1. Effective October 1, 2020, all employees, visitors, and customers are required to wear a mask or face covering upon entering and remaining within any Planet Ice Facility.  The mask or face covering must cover the nose, mouth, and chin.


    1. Temporary removal of the mask or face covering is permitted for the following purposes:
  1. On ice participation and players benches (Field of Play).
  2. Within the dressing room, only when a helmet is being worn. When an athlete’s helmet is removed, the athlete will wear a face mask or face covering.
  • Dining at Boomers Bar & Grill.
  1. For any emergency or medical purpose.

2020 Fall Season Rule Amendments due to Covid

Due to Covid 19, special rules must be implemented to meet heath and government regulations. The following rules will supersede the regular PAHL rules till further notice and may be subject to change.

Team Roster

  • Maximum 10 players and 1 goalie per team each game max.
  • 18 players max. on your team roster.
  • Players will require 6 regular season games to qualify for play-offs
  • No extra players / coaches will be allowed in dressing rooms or bench area.

League Payments

  • All payments must be made by the team rep or designated person. Each team will be responsible for collecting their own players money and then make one team payment each month or in full.

Enter and Exiting Protocols

  • Players must wait outside to only enter 15 min. before game time to get dressed.
  • Players will then check in at the host table when they enter.
  • Players will be directed by the host to enter the rink and to which dressing room to enter.
  • There will be no pro shop or concession open.
  • No shower facilities will be available.
  • Sorry No Coolers allowed.  
  • Players must be out of the dressing room and facility 15 min after the game. No exceptions. We ask that the team exits together at 15 min. please.

Game Play

  • Game will start with a 5 min warm up, clock will start right at game time. (Pucks will be supplied)
  • Game will consist of 2 – 25-minute running time periods (stop time in the last min. of each period)
  • No overtime, tie games will stand.
  • Players will not be required to sign the game sheet; however, all players must have accepted the online waiver to be eligible to play. Any player not registered online will not be permitted to participate.
  • Teams will start the game at opposite end to ensure their goalie is in their zone in the last period.
  • No spitting on ice or on the benches. Players will get 1 warning; second offense and you will be ejected from the game.
  • If you get caught spitting on anybody you will be suspended indefinitely.
  • Fighting will be a 5-game suspension.

Other Rules

  • There will be no handshakes or fist bumps at the end of the game. We ask that each team gives the other team a cheer from their zone and then leave the ice.
  • Each player is required to bring their own water bottle. (please fill at home)
  • Players are required to sit on the bench on the marked spots for social distancing.
  • No spectators will be allowed to watch PAHL games.
  • All other PAHL rules will apply.


Thank you. 

Chris Herie – League Manager, Planet Ice                           [email protected]

Player Registration Procedure

With this new process all players will need a valid e-mail address.


  • Team Reps must put players on the roster with valid e-mail address.
  • Players will then get an e-mail from Hockey Community.
  • Player will then login to confirm the e-mail address and accept the Waiver and fill out their profile,
  • Players who do not accept the waiver prior to getting to the rink will NOT be allowed to play this season. 
  • There will be no in rink registrations for Fall 2020. 

Important League Info

  • All Players must be registered to play in the league.
  • Do not go on the ice until the scorekeeper or referee buzz you on. 
  • There is NO SMOKING in the dressing rooms ($300 fine first offence, $500 if it is pot., league expulsion on 2nd offence)
  • There is NO Drinking of alcohol in the Parking lot.
  • NEW forfeit fines. 
    • More the 48 hrs notice. $50
    • less then 24 hrs notice. $75
    • No notice will be $100
    • the league is not responsible for forfeits.
  • All players are required to have a matching jersey with a number.
  • Please read the rules located on the league info button on the Planet Ice Website.
  • In case of injury a team may pick up a goalie for play-offs with league approval.
  •  Players who receive 3 penalties in a game will be ejected from that game. (used to be 4)

Franchise Player Rule

  • A player playing on a higher division team may qualify for play-offs for a team in a lower division that is more than 2 divisions apart if they play 20 of the leagues 32 games with the lower division team. 
  • If a player plays 20 games then that team is being tiered based on the franchise player in the lineup and is now part of the makeup of the team.
  • Anything lower than the 65% mark the player will not qualify for play-offs with the lower division team and still play on the higher division team.
  • A player who qualifies for both a higher divisions team (a team more than 2 divisions apart) and a lower division team but does not get in the  franchise player status may choose to play play-off with the lower division team but cannot play any play-off games with the higher division team at any time during the play-offs. 

Social Media Rule

  • Any Social Media misconduct such as trolling , bullying, threating, racial comments or statements found not appropriate by Planet Ice league and facility management related to Planet Ice social media content including but not limited to our Facebook pages, Twitter pages & hockey Community can result in league suspensions. 

 Other Important Info

Drinking alcohol on the players bench in NOT ALLOWED, and your team will face a suspension if your are caught with alcohol on your bench.

Any team caught smoking pot in the dressing rooms will receive a $500 fine and the team will be suspended for a game. 

Players are NOT ALLOWED to stretch on the ice after the game, teams must leave the ice after the hand shake after each game. players who do not comply could receive a game misconduct. 



League Contact Info

PAHL - Delta, League Manager

Chris Herie

[email protected]