Dallas Saunders Abbotsford Bantam AAA Tournament

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General Updates

Gold Medal Game (February 13)

Kamloops vs Arizona - MSA Arena @ 5:00PM

Bronze Medal Game (February 13)

Langley vs Prince George - MSA Arena @ 2:45PM

Semi-Final Games (February 13)

Kamloops (1) and Langley (2) receive a "bye" for the first round of play-off games. 

Kamloops will play lowest remaining seed of quarterfinal game winners on Sunday morning (February 13) at ARC Arena 9:45AM. 

Kamloops (1) vs. Prince George (5) - ARC Arena @ 9:45AM. Players/parents/fans should park at Yale Secondary School because only the front entrance by the pool on Old Yale Road will be open. 

Langley will play highest remaining seed of quarterfinal game winners on Sunday morning (February 13) at MSA Arena 10:15AM.  

Langley (2) vs Arizona (3) - MSA Arena @ 10:15AM

Consolation Games (February 13)

Delta Academy vs. North Vancouver - MSA Arena @ 8:00AM

Mission vs. Vancouver Tbirds - ARC Arena @ 12:00PM

Cloverdale vs. Northwest Travellers - ARC Arena @ 2:15PM

Abbotsford vs. Ridge Meadows - MSA Arena @ 12:30PM

Quarter-Final Games (February 12)

Abbotsford vs. Arizona - ARC Arena @ 6:00PM

Prince George vs. Ridge Meadows - MSA Arena @ 6:00PM


Tournament Officiating

Message from Shawn McCaskill - Director, Referee in Chief ([email protected])

I am using this years Dallas Saunders Memorial Tournament as a mini showcase for the officials who are trying to get noticed and reach the next level of their officiating careers.

We have opened up the tournament to the best young officials in the Lower Mainland not currently working junior hockey. I am working very closely with BC Hockey's officiating coordinators to make sure we get the best of the best. All games will have a supervisor on hand giving these officials feedback on their performances. These officials will be treated and therefore will act as professionals. This opportunity they are being given will not be taken lightly by them.

I feel this will serve a couple of things. First off, it gives these young officials a great opportunity to get noticed. At the same time, it gives AMHA and the tournament top flight officiating. People attending the tournament, both as participants and spectators, will hopefully walk away feeling that this was the best officiated tournament they have been to.



50/50 Raffle Winner

50/50 winners

MSA Arena

February 11 (12:00PM) - Ticket #135621 (red) $100 claimed

February 11 (7:00PM) - Ticket #135827 (red) $182.50 claimed

February 12 (12:00PM) - Ticket #611565 (blue) $102.50 claimed

February 12 (7:00PM) - Ticket #611538 (blue) $145 unclaimed

February 13 (12:00PM) - Ticket #611552 (blue) $23


ARC Arena

February 11 (1:30PM) - Ticket #136589 (red) $100 unclaimed

February 11 (7:00PM) - Ticket #014674 (blue) $90 claimed

February 12 (12:00PM) - Ticket #015884 (blue) $37.50 claimed

February 12 (7:00PM) - Ticket #136770 (red) $55 claimed

February 13 (12:00PM) - Ticket #015955 (blue) $52.50


I thought everything you people did for the scouts was outstanding I thought you ran a very good tournament and had teams of equal ability which is great for the kids the ladies that looked after us in the scouts room with the food were outstanding as was the food to get treated the way we were and given a very good program book for the scouts and to see a menu on the wall as well as all past programs was really special and for no charge it was really special and to honor young hockey player like Dallas Saunders who died tragically playing the game he loved is certainly something you and all the volunteers should be very proud of thankyou so much for the hospitality. Terry Bonner Vancouver Giants.


I thought the tournament was very well run. I liked the fact you brought in Arizona and Kamloops, two stronger AAA teams. The stronger the teams the more scouts you will attract to the tournament. A suggestion might be to bring in more stronger teams from out of province.  The timing of games was good. Your hospitality and scouts book were nothing short of amazing. Terrific job on both.


The parents helping out were extremely kind, helpful and gracious. I don't think I have ever been treated better. I think you did a tremendous job. I do not have any negative things to say. Rob Gallamore Scout Regina Pats www.reginapats.com


I am glad you made contact, as I had wanted to follow up with yourself and Committee after the tournament. I know I am not alone, in sharing with you what an amazing job your Committee did with this year's event. The level of preparation, quality of information and attention to detail, was carried out at a very high level. The people I spoke with at both arena's, enjoying the coffee and treats provided, were very welcoming and presented the tournament with great pride. We attend many tournaments, and this group stood out and made for a great day at the rink watching the excellent hockey. From a hockey watching point of view, staggering the two starting game times at both arenas would allow us as scouts the chance to catch parts of all games as needed throughout the day. Meaning, if one arena started at 700am, and the other 800am, we could move back and forth throughout the day. Thanks again Jeff, and please pass on my thanks and appreciation to your volunteers! Michael Coflin Vice Principal Queen Elizabeth Secondary School 9457 King George Blvd., Surrey, BC 


Jeff. A first class tournament. Great teams great games. All involved, players coaches parents and scouts were treated first class. A very special thank you and great job to the people who looked after the hospitality room. Best hospitality room this year. Jim Hardington


The tournament, scouts room and package was fantastic. Great job !! See you next year. Roy Henderson Global Sports


Just catching up on emails. Thanks for the tournament!! It was a great experience for the boys and it is always nice leaving with a championship. Thanks to all of your parents for their hard work. Thanks for your efforts and solid communication. Nice job. All the best with the rest of your season!!! Walt Coach of Kamloops


Great tournament and I thought the schedule format was one of the best I have seen in a 12 team schedule. Thanks for hosting us. Dean Rasmussen


Delta Hockey Academy really enjoyed our experience. I think it was very well organized and well put together. See you next year, Spencer Bennett


Everything was Excellent on your host committee Part. No complaints. Cheers, Prince George