House Rules

West Sound Adult Hockey League Guidelines

The West Sound Hockey League (WSHL, "The League") is dedicated to providing players of all skill levels a safe place to play where the focus is on fun and sportsmanship. The League is governed by the rules and regulations in the USA Hockey Rulebook.

The League fully supports the USA Hockey Zero Tolerance Policy. This policy requires all players, officials, administrators and spectators to maintain a sportsmanlike atmosphere before, during and after all USA Hockey-sanctioned games.

WSHL is a no-fighting, non-checking League. 

The Hockey Director and Rink Managers reserve the right to amend the rules as needed to accommodate unforeseen situations and to ensure the league is operating with the best interest of the sport and fair play at all times. 


 “A” League 

  • This league is open to all players with the option to either bring a pre-made team, or to come as an individual and join a team. Pre-made team will be made up of a minimum of 10 skaters and a goalie. Players signing up as an individual will be placed on a rink built team to compete in this level.
  • Guaranteed 16 games-including playoffs will be scheduled during a standard season.
  • There will be no game day registrations allowed.
  • Teams will be assigned approximately 1 week prior to the start of games
  • Games are played on Sunday’s (may need a few Saturday games, but will know more after we know how many teams we have this season)
  • Any team that has less than 10 players may add substitute players to fill the roster back to 10 players.  
  • No more than 5 sub players for the team per game
  • An “Open” team may pull up a player from the “B” league to sub.
  • All subs must be registered with the Bremerton Ice Center as an approved A league substitute prior to playing their first game.

“B” League 


The Recreational League will be a draft formation where every effort will be made to make equal teams. Players in the "B" League who are far beyond the talent level of the average recreational league player AND are exhibiting the ability to individually change outcomes of games may be asked to move to the “A” League. 


All Players in the Recreation league acknowledge that in the effort to keep teams level, mid-season player trades may occur. 


No one player may score more than 3 goals per game. If a 4th goal is scored by one player, the goal will be disallowed, a 3 minute delay of game penalty will be assessed, and the face off will be at center ice. If a player with 3 goals is awarded a penalty shot, any other player on the ice at the time of the infraction will be selected by the team to take the shot. 


Teams are required to use substitute goalies from the rink provided goalie sub list. If no goalies are available from the sub list, then the team may ask other B league goalies. 





Players must complete an Adult League Registration form as well as a completed Payment Plan Agreement form (if not paying in full), have a current 21-22 USA Hockey membership, have a zero balance prior to the start of the season, and pay the appropriate registration fee to the rink prior to your first game. 


Players must provide proof of current USA Hockey registration before taking the ice for any WSHL activity. Players are suspended from play until they provide proof of registration.


In the event payment of any league fees are not received when due, the league reserves the right to drop the individual from the league with no refund of paid fees. All past due charges must be paid in full prior to registering for an upcoming season.


Players must check in and verify your correct jersey number at the front desk before each game prior to proceeding to the ice.

All games will be played under USA HOCKEY rules, however, the following rules are supplemental to existing USA Hockey playing rules 


The use of tobacco products or alcoholic beverages by any player or team official is prohibited in the rink area (outside of the designated Bar area of the Bremerton Ice Center), including the players' bench and off-ice officials area. A warning shall be issued by the Referee or BIC Staff for the first offense and any subsequent violations by the same team shall results in a bench minor penalty being assessed as well as a ban from using the locker rooms. 


An adult hockey league disciplinary review board will be in place for the adult league.  This board will operate under USA hockey bylaw 10 of the USA Hockey annual guide.

  1. For all claims, demands or disputes having an impact on hockey and/or between members of the West Sound Hockey League, the Bremerton Ice Center Hockey Director and Bremerton Ice Center General Manager have the option to call a hearing to discuss and settle these matters if necessary. 
  2. The USA hockey dispute resolution process will be referred to in all matters that cannot be resolved through the Hockey Director and the BIC General Managers. Any player requesting a hearing must go through the Hockey Director and Rink Managers first in an attempt to resolve any conflicts. 
  3. The hearing committee will not review suspensions mandated by current USA hockey rules.
  4. The Hearing committee will not review suspensions mandated by the West Sound Adult Hockey League supplemental rules.  


All players on a team must wear similar jerseys with jersey numbers for easy identification by the officials. Any jersey’s issued by the BIC will require you to sign a Jersey Loan Agreement Form and a monetary amount will be owed to the BIC if not returned at the end of the season.


All adult teams will play three 20-minute run time period per game.  If the goal difference is 2 or less in the last two minutes of the 3rd period, the clock will become a stop clock. Ties are allowed in Regular Season. 


No time outs are allowed during the regular season. During Playoffs, each team is allowed one 60 second time out per game 


Minor penalties will be 3 minutes during a running clock. 


A maximum of 5 minutes will be allocated for warm-ups and 1 minute will be allowed for teams to change ends between periods. Any player leaving the ice between periods  who is not on the bench by the start of the next period will not be allowed to return until the first stoppage of play . 


Each team must have five (5) players and one (1) goalie at the start of the game. 


Both leagues are non-checking, no-fighting.  


Any Game Misconduct will result in an Bremerton Ice Center disciplinary hearing to determine if any additional actions will be taken.  


If a player is assessed a second Game Misconduct in the same season for any reason, that player will be automatically dropped from the league with no refund issued. If the second occurrence happens in the last three games of the regular season or during the playoffs, the player involved will be banned from participating in the next session of the league. 


Any player who receives 3 misconducts in a season will result in a Bremerton Ice Center disciplinary hearing to determine if any additional actions will be taken.


Consistent with the USA Hockey zero tolerance policy, Referees may impose a penalty for abuse or aggression towards a referee, as well as any inappropriate language during the game. Physical abuse of an official will result in a Game Misconduct or Match penalty, a hearing with the Hockey Director, and may result in permanent expulsion from the league.  


In the event of a Match Penalty the player involved will be dropped from the league with no refund of league fees. If the match penalty occurs during playoffs the player will be barred from play in the next season. 


A suspension is earned in one league is carried with the player through all leagues. The games served must all be in the league the suspension was earned in. Example: a player was suspended for 3 games in “B” league, the player cannot play in “A” league until their “B” team has played 3 games. 


Game Ejection penalty will result in a player being suspended for the remainder of the game in progress but will not be suspended for the next game.  



Players acquiring 4 penalties in a game will be ejected from the current game. A Minor and a Misconduct called on the same play will count as 2 penalties 


Any team that incurs 12 penalties in a game shall forfeit that game and immediately leave the ice.  


A player accumulating 15 minutes in penalties in a season will have a meeting with the Hockey Director. Every 15 minute interval (30,45,60) will be cause for another meeting. The Hockey Director may suspend a player for cumulative penalties at their discretion at any time. 


Any conduct of a player deemed detrimental to the sport of hockey may be subject to a hearing.  


Any protest must be made in writing on the score sheet before the player(s) or teams in question leave the ice. If an opponent has protested a player on a team, the player in question will print and sign his name on the back of the score sheet and provide to the scorekeeper or league representative a drivers’ license confirming their identity prior to leaving the facility. Failure to do so when requested by the referee, scorekeeper, league official or rink manager shall result in a forfeit of the game played. 

Teams playing with suspended players or unregistered subs not listed on the score sheet will forfeit said game and the suspended player will be assessed an additional suspension. 




Playoff bracket format will be determined depending on number of teams, and announced when full season schedules are released.


Standings will be calculated as follows: 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss. 


Teams will be seeded based upon season standings, if teams are tied on points the following tiebreakers will be used:

1) Points 

2) Most wins 

3) Winner of head-to-head regular season series 

4) Least number of penalty minutes 

5) Coin Toss 

 Player must have played in a minimum of five (5) games during the regular season to be eligible for playoffs.