2021/22 Fall/ Winter Hockey League Rules


General Information

·            No Games on Thanksgiving Sunday, December 24th, 25th, 26th, & 31st. January 1st and Superbowl Sunday.

League Payments


  • *A non refundable deposit of $1000 is due with registration.

  • *Payments are due September 15st, October 15st, November 15st, December 15st, and on January 15TH

  • The team contact or person registering the team is completely responsible for full payment of the team account.
  • *NEW* - Payments will only be accepted from the team rep or team indicated finance person. NO individual player payments will be accepted.
    • Payments will be made online as per outlined each month.

(smaller amounts can be paid online as well but only in increments provided)

·         Cash or debit payment will be accepted at the rink but only if the who monthly payment is made and is paid by the team rep or team indicated money finance person

  • If the team account is not kept up to date, the team will be suspended from playing in the league.

  • Team insurance can be purchased at the time of registration and is an addition $125.

How to Contact the League Co-ordinator

·         Delta - Chris Herie - (604) 604-930-8727 Ext 328, e-mail - [email protected]


  • The league standings and stats will be posted on our website at or on the league standing board located in the rink lobby.



Equipment / Insurance Claims

  • Full equipment is mandatory, including CSA approved helmets (no Gretzky Jofa helmets) Facemasks and visors are optional. To be eligible for dental claims, your team must have opted in for the insurance coverage and player must be wearing a mouth guard.

  • Injuries requiring an insurance claim must be filed with the League Co-ordinator within 24 hours after the game the injury took place.


First Aid Kits / Emergency Situations

·         Each team is required to supply their own first aid kit at each game.

·         Planet Ice does have Automated External Defibrillator (AED) check your rink for locations


Movement of Teams

·         The league reserves the right to move teams up or down divisions in order to maintain league and divisional parity.

Pucks for the Game & Warm ups

·         PAHL will supply pucks for warm up & games.

·         Teams must pick up the pucks and put them in the bucket after warm-up and bring them to the scorekeeper.

Ice Cleans & Procedures

1.      Players are not permitted on the ice until the Zamboni gates are closed and until the scorekeeper has buzzed the horn to indicate the start of the five (5) minute warm-up.

1.1.   Offending teams may receive a two (2) minute minor penalty for delay of game.

2.      Players are not allowed to stay on the ice and stretch after the games.

Jersey Rules

1.      All teams MUST have 2 sets of jerseys. A light & dark colored jersey.

2.      All players must be wearing the same jersey or a plain colored jersey that matches the same color, including spares.

3.      All Jerseys must have a number on the back

3.1.   Taped on numbers will not be accepted

4.      Goalies must also be wearing a matching team jersey.

4.1.   Dark or light can be accepted based on your team’s color

4.2.   Goalies who refuse to change will receive a 2:00 penalty, served by the team captain.

5.      Players who do not have a matching jersey may not be permitted to play in the game.

6.        Color Conflicts:

6.1.1.      Each team must post on their team page on the PAHL website their primary jersey color and alternate jersey color if they have it. otherwise post both as same color.

6.1.2.      Home team will wear dark colored jersey and visitor will wear light colored jersey.

6.1.3.      In the case of a jersey color conflict the visiting team is responsible to change their jerseys. (this is when a home team only has one colored jersey)

6.1.4.      The PAHL will not have conflict jerseys for teams to use. Teams must have 2 sets


Players Registration Forms & Process

1.      Online Registration

1.1.   All players must fill out the online registration form prior to playing their first game. Any player playing without a completed registration will be considered an illegal player and will cause his team to forfeit any games played in.

1.2.   Any games played while not fully registered will not count towards the number of games to qualify for play-offs.

2.      Helmet ID Stickers

2.1.   All registered players must have a helmet ID sticker confirming they are fully registered.

2.2.   Any player without a helmet ID sticker will not be permitted to play in the game.

2.2.1.      Exception to rule 2.2 is if the league office is closed the player may check in with the scorekeeper and provide them with their name and e-mail address and then will be eligible to play in that game but must get a sticker at the next game they play.

Game Format

1.      Game Length:

1.1.   Each game will be 1 hour and 15 min in length consisting of …

1.2.   5 minute warm up

1.3.   20 minute running time 1st & 2nd periods with last minute of each stop time.

1.4.   15 minute stop time third period.

1.5.   All penalties will be stop time including during the 1st & 2nd periods

1.6.   Overtime during regular season is played three on three, 5 minutes running time. Last minute stop time. No player changes during stoppage of play. Sudden death

2.      Play-offs:

2.1.   Overtime for play-offs will be played three on three, 5 minutes stop time. Sudden death

2.2.   During Play-offs, players will be allowed to change lines on a stoppage of play.

2.3.   If still tied…a 3 player shoot-out will follow.

2.4.   If still tied…Sudden death shoot-out will take place with every player shooting before a player can shoot twice. Based on team with shortest bench.

3.      League Standings:

3.1.   Standing will be based on points percentage on the teams you have played within your current division.

3.2.   If teams points percentages are equal in the league standings at the end of the season, the following tie breaking procedure will be used…

3.2.1.      Most Points

3.2.2.      Most Wins

3.2.3.      Plus / Minus (difference between goals for and against)

3.2.4.      Least penalty minutes

3.2.5.      Most goals

4.      Mercy Rule:

4.1.   Mercy rule will go into effect if there is a score differential of five (5) goals with 5 minutes remaining in the game. However, if the score differential becomes less then five (5) goals, stop time will resume.

5.      Number of Players Required to Start the Game

5.1.   A team must dress five (5) skaters and one (1) goaltender for a game to start.

5.2.   The maximum players allowed to dress are 17 skaters and 2 goaltenders.

5.3.   If at anytime during the game, a team can not put enough players on the ice as required, the team will automatically forfeit that game.

5.4.   Any team no ready to start at the end of the warm-up with appropriate number of players, including a goaltender, will be assessed a minor penalty for delay of game.

5.4.1.      The time on the clock will start to run down, but the penalty will not be started until the team is ready to play.

5.5.   If a team is still unable to ice the appropriate number of players and goalie by the 10-minute mark of the first period, the team will automatically forfeit the game.

5.6.   In the event that both teams have not been able to ice enough players, the game will be called with neither team receiving points.

5.7.   Forfeited games will not be rescheduled or refunded.

5.8.   In the event that a game is a forfeit and the remaining players on the ice wish to play a scrimmage, no referees will be provided.

Player Eligibility Rules

1.      Players currently playing Jr. “A”, “B”, College / University, Minor pro or pro hockey are not eligible to play in the league.

2.      All players must be 19 years of age.

3.      If a team is caught using an illegal player, the team will forfeit the game.

4.      30 and 40 Over Leagues


4.1.   Teams in the 30 and 40 over league may have up to four (4) players under 30/40 years old, but three (3) of which cannot be younger then 29/39 years of age. And must be 29/39 by December 31st in the current playing year.

4.2.   An additional one (1) player can be between 25-28 or 35-38 years of age as long as they are 25/35 years of age by December 31st in the current playing year.

4.3.   All under age players must get written permission form the league co-ordinator to be eligible to play in the league.

5.      Players Playing for More Than One Team


5.1.   Player wishing to play for more than one (1) team in any league, must receive written permission from the league co-ordinator.

5.2.   A player cannot play for two (2) teams in the same division unless league approval is made.

5.3.   A player may only play on two teams when they are a maximum of 2 divisions unless they meet the new franchise player rule.

      1. An exception may be approved by the league co-ordinator if a player is committed to two teams and due to mid-season tiering the teams become more than two divisions apart.

      1. Franchise Player Rule
        1. A player playing on a higher division team may qualify for play-offs for a team in a lower division that is more than 2 divisions apart if they are a franchise player, to be a franchise player, the player must …
        2. Play 20 of the regular season games with the lower division team in a 32 game season or 18 games with the lower division team in a 28 game season or 15 games in a 24 game season.
        3. If a player plays that many games as listed above, then that team is being tiered based on the franchise player in the lineup and is now part of the makeup of the team.
        4. A player who is play-off qualified for both a higher divisions team and a lower division team that is more than 2 divisions apart but does not reach franchise player status may choose to play play-off with the lower division team but cannot play any play-off games with the higher division team at any time during the play-offs. if that player does play in the higher division teams game they MUST stay in the higher division and will be considered an illegal player in the lower division.
  1. If a player is playing on 2 teams their two teams get put into the same division, the player can only play for one (1) team. The player will have to write a letter to the league co-ordinator declaring which team they will be choosing to play for.

6.      Play-off Eligibility

6.1.   Players and goalies must play …

6.1.1.      Delta, 19+. 30+ , 40+ & Coquitlam Package A in ten (10) regular season games to be eligible to play in any play-off games.

6.1.2.      Coquitlam Package B League in 8 (8) regular season games to be eligible to play in any play-off games.

6.1.3.      Maple Ridge Women’s & Men’s in eight (8) regular season games to be eligible to play in any play-off games.

6.1.4.      Delta Coed in (5) regular season games to be eligible to play in any play-off games

6.1.5.      Exception will be made for goalies in the case of an emergency or injury, but the goalie must be approved by the league co-ordinator.

6.1.6.      Any team playing an ineligible player will forfeit that game.

6.2.   If teams wish to protest a play-off game, they must do so before the end of the game.

6.2.1.      You must report your protest of an illegible player to the referee and Scorekeeper at a stoppage of play. the scorekeeper must write the protest on the back of the gamesheet as to which player the team is protesting against. The scorekeeper will then inform the league co-ordinator, who will deal with the protest at the end of the game.

6.3.   Games in which a player is not playing due to suspension do not qualify towards their total number of games needed to qualify for play-offs.

6.4.   Play-off will be a double round knock-out format.

Game Sheets & Rosters

1.      Game sheets will now be at the Scorekeepers box at the start of warm up, all players must go to the box and sign the game sheet during the designated warm up time.

2.      Players must only sign themselves on the game sheet. (no signing in other players)

3.      All players must be registered and have a helmet ID sticker to be eligible to play in the game.


4.      If a player is not on the game sheet, they must get registered at the office and show the scorekeeper their helmet sticker or if the office is closed (games after 9:00pm) they must check in with the scorekeeper and give their name and e-mail address so that they can be added the next day.

4.1.   A player signing in with the scorekeeper must get a helmet ID sticker before their next game.

5.      No player can be added after the start of the 3rd period. Player must be dresses and on the bench.

6.      Team rosters including spares and goaltenders may be a maximum of active twenty five (25)

7.      All players must hand in photo ID which has date of birth for all play-off games. No photocopies will be permitted.

7.1.   Players without proper I will not be allowed to play without league co-ordinators approval.

7.2.   Failure to produce ID upon request from the league will result in forfeiting the game.


1.      If a team forfeits a game and they inform the league 48hrs before the game they will be charged a $50.00 fine. That fine will be added on to their league fees.

2.      A $50.00 Boomers gift certificate will be awarded to the team forfeited against.

3.      No fines or compensation will be giving out in the event of Play-off forfeits.

Playing Rules

1.      Automatic Icing

1.1.   Automatic icing will be in effect; this includes puck crossing through the crease.

2.      Red Line Rule

2.1.   The red line will not be effect for two line passes.

2.2.   The red line will be used as an icing marker.

3.      Power play Face-off

3.1.   Any initial power play face-off will take place in the offensive zone.

4.      Slap Shots

4.1.   Slap shots are permitted in all leagues except Delta Coed.

5.      Body Checking

5.1.   Body checking will not be permitted.

6.      Puck off the goalie’s mask

6.1.   It will be the referee’s discretion to blow the play down in the event that the pucks goes off the goalie’s mask. The referee will only blow the play down if he/she feels the goalie was injured from the shot.

Special Rules for Women’s League


1.      Gretzky Rule

1.1.   Rule is applicable in Maple Ridge.

1.2.   Gretzky rule means that a player may not score more then 3 goals in 1 game.

1.3.   If a player scores a goal after 3, the goal will not stand.

1.4.   An unsportsmanlike penalty can be called if the player is scoring on purpose after their 3.


Special Rules Coed League


1.      Amended Gretzky Rule

1.1.   Gretzky rule in Delta Coed means that a player may not score more than 2 goals in 1 game.

1.2.   If a player scores a goal after 2, the goal will not stand.

1.3.   An unsportsmanlike penalty can be called if the player is scoring on purpose after their 2nd.

2.      Slap Shot Rule in Coed

2.1.   Slap shots will not be permitted by any players. A 2 min. penalty will be assessed. A shot that the stick rises above a players waist on the back swing will be considered a slap shot.

3.      Game Outline in Coed

3.1.   Game will consist of a 5 min. warm up, plus two, 25 min. periods.

4.      Fighting Rule

4.1.   Any body suspended for fighting will be suspended for the remainder of the season without a refund.

4.2.   Anybody suspended for fighting during the play-offs will be suspended for the rest of the play-offs plus the next season.

5.      Play-offs

5.1.   Play-offs will be a double round knock out.

5.2.   All players must have 5 regular season games played to be eligible for play-offs.



Penalty Rules

1.      Coincidental Penalties

1.1.   Team will play even strength in the event of coincidental penalties.

2.      Receiving Penalties

2.1.   A player receiving three (3) penalties in a game will be ejected upon receiving their third penalty. This covers all penalties including minors and misconducts.

2.1.1.      Note*: The High Sticking double minor counts as only one (1) penalty

2.1.2.      All other double minor penalties will count as two (2) penalties

2.1.3.      Note*: Excludes bench minors served.

2.2.   A goaltender receiving 3 penalties will receive a game misconduct. He/she will remain in the game and will serve the suspension the following game at the referee’s discretion.

3.      High Sticking

3.1.   All high sticking penalties will be an automatic four (4) minute penalty unless a major or match is called.

3.1.1.      This penalty will be served as two (2) penalties

4.      Checking from Behind

4.1.   A player receiving a minor penalty for a hit from behind will be ejected from that game.

4.2.   A player receiving a major penalty for checking from behind will result in an automatic one (1) game suspension and will be reviewed by the league co-ordinator.

4.3.   If a player receives a match penalty for a hit from behind an automatic four (4) game suspension will result. And will be reviewed by the league co-ordinator.

4.4.   A player receiving a second major penalty for checking from behind will be suspended indefinitely and will be under review by the league co-ordinator to determine suspension length.

5.      Head Contact Rule

5.1.   Accidental head contact will be a 2:00 min penalty

5.2.   Intentional head contact not causing injury will be a 4:00 min penalty

5.3.   Intentional head contact causing injury will be a 5:00 penalty and ejected from the game and will be reviewed by the league co-ordinator.

6.      Major Penalties

6.1.   Players receiving a major penalty will be ejected from the game and suspended for one (1) additional game. (a major penalty is a penalty that is called 5:00 min)

6.1.1.      A player receiving a major penalty for accidental high sticking will be ejected from that game but eligible for the next game. referee must indicate accidental high stick on the game sheet.

6.1.2.      Any high sticking penalty that results in injury will be assessed an automatic major penalty.(a 5:00 min penalty)

6.2.   Any player receiving their second major penalty (not including checking from behind) will receive a two (2) game suspension.

6.3.   A third major penalty will result in an indefinite suspension until reviewed.

7.      Fighting Penalties

7.1.   Fighting is not permitted!

7.2.   A player receiving their first fighting major will be ejected from that game and suspended for the following minimum three (3) games.

7.2.1.      Any fighting penalty will be reviewed by the league co-ordinator and will be assessed accordingly and may result in further action.

7.3.   If a player receives the instigator for the fight, that player will receive an additional game suspension.

7.4.   A player receiving their second fighting major will receive a six (6) game suspension.

7.5.   A player receiving their third fighting major will be suspended for the remainder of the season including play-offs and will be under review regarding future league eligibility

8.      10 Minute Penalties

8.1.   A player receiving a ten (10) minute misconduct will serve the ten (10) minute penalty if time permits.

9.      Game Ejections

9.1.   A player receiving a game ejection will be ejected from that game only. This player will be eligible for the next game if no further penalties follow from their ejection.

10.  Game Misconducts

10.1.                    A player receiving a game misconduct will be ejected from that game and receive an additional one (1) game suspension.

10.2.                    And player receiving their second game misconduct will receive a two (2) game suspension.

10.3.                    Any further game misconducts will be reviewed by the league co-ordinator and assessed accordingly.

11.  Match & Gross Misconducts

11.1.                    A player receiving a match penalty or gross misconduct will result in a minimum two (2) game suspension. The penalty will be reviewed by the league co-ordinator.

11.2.                    A player receiving a second match or gross misconduct will be suspended indefinitely and reviewed by the league co-ordinator.

12.  Goaltenders

12.1.                    If a goalie is assessed a major or match penalty, they will be ejected from the game and suspended accordingly.

12.1.1.  If the penalty is assessed in the 1st or 2nd period, the team will be allowed ten (10) minutes to dress a player from that games roster to replace him. (clock will run)

12.1.2.  If the penalty is in the 3rd period, the team will be allowed 5 minutes to dress a player from that games roster to replace him. (clock will stop)

12.2.                    If the Major penalty is deemed accidental by the referee, the goalie may remain in the game. The team will play short handed for five (5) minutes.

12.3.                    If a goalie is hurt during a game, the team is allowed ten (10) minutes to dress a player from the roster to replace him/her.

13.  Suspensions

13.1.                    The League co-ordinator will handle all league suspensions.

13.2.                    It’s the responsibility of the team rep to contact the league co-ordinator if clarification is required. Teams will not be automatically contacted regarding suspensions.

13.3.                    All suspensions will be available through the stats page on the league website at

14.  Suspended Players

14.1.                    A suspended player that plays while under suspension will cause the team using the suspended player to forfeit that game.

14.1.1.  The suspended player will also be suspended indefinitely.

14.1.2.  The team rep will also receive a one (1) game suspension.

15.  If a player is suspended and plays for two teams, the player is not allowed to play with the second team until the suspension from the first team is expired.

15.1.1.  Games missed from the second team do not count towards the suspension as games missed.

15.2.                    If a player is registered in 19 and over and the 30 and over leagues and receives a match penalty or gross misconduct, he/she will be deemed ineligible in both leagues for the duration of the suspension

16.  Referee Abuse Misconduct

16.1.                    A player receiving a “Referee Abuse Misconduct, will be subject to a minimum 2 game suspension.

16.2.                    Protocol for this will be suspension will be…

16.2.1.  2 min. minor penalty.

16.2.2.  10 misconduct

16.2.3.  Then Referee Abuse Misconduct, ejected from the game.

17.  After game procedure

1.      After each game players will shake hands them line up on their Blue line for the Player of the Game presentations.

2.      Teams who do not line up will not receive their award or points towards the season end prizing.

Canadian Amateur Hockey Rules

1.      Canadian Amateur Hockey Rules will apply to all other rules not covered under the Pacific Adult Hockey Hockey League Rules.

Appeals & Complaints

1.      All one (1) game suspensions are final and cannot be appealed.

2.      All appeals must be submitted in writing, typed or e-mailed to the league co-ordinator within 48 hours of the games completion.

3.      Complaints regarding the officials must be submitted in writing to the league co-ordinator within the designated time frame: 24 hours after the game, but no later then 72 hours after the game in question.

4.      All appeals and complaints must be signed by the team rep and complains submitted without the authorization of the team rep will not be accepted or responded to. NO EXCEPTIONS

5.      Appeals will not be accepted unless the team’s league fees are up to date.

Altercations off the Ice

1.      Any players taking part in an altercation off the ice, such as in the dressing room area, concourse, Boomers Sports Grill and parking lot, will be subject to an indefinite suspension.

1.1.   Player will also be suspended from the arena by the owners and management.

Drinking of Alcohol & Smoking legal & Illegal Substances on Arena Property

1.      All teams & patrons are prohibited from drinking alcoholic beverages and the use of illegal substances in the arena building, dressing rooms, and parking lot. Alcohol may only be consumed in Boomers Sports Grill.

2.      Any team caught will be suspended until further notice.

3.      There is NO SMOKING in the arena including the dressing room. Teams caught smoking will be subject to a minimum$100 fine and possible league expulsion.$500 if you are caught smoking marijuana or other illegal substances.

Teams must vacate the dressing room no later them 45 minutes after the game. failing to leave in set time will result in a $100 fine and if repeat