Call for Goalies

Final Game of the Season



The final night for floorball will be tomorrow night (July 11th) at Blackburn Hamlet arena. We are aware that many of you are away on summer vacation and therefore we will have all of the Peewees and Bantams play in one time slot. We will adjust the teams as needed for each age group for the final night.

Please email me if you are not able to make it out to tomorrow night’s game so that we can appropriately pre-balance the teams (as much as possible).

Thank you everyone for participating in the inaugural season of the Ottawa Floorball League. We hope that all of the players had a great time.

We also expect to finally receive our backorder of Zorro sticks tomorrow too (they’re on the FedEx truck in Ottawa right now) along with extra balls (although not as many as we ordered).


Playing Times

6pm: Novice and Atom

7pm: PeeWee

8pm: Bantam


Note: We will be sending out a questionnaire/survey to all of the families to complete so that we can have an even better season next year. Your feedback will have a big impact on how we do things next year.

Thank you everyone for your participation,




Novice     Atom
Game 1 Warm-up 6:00 PM     Period 1 Warm-up 6:00 PM
Start 6:03 PM     Start 6:05 PM
End 6:20 PM     End 6:25 PM
          Period 2 5 min. Break
Game 2 Warm-up 6:20 PM     Start 6:30 PM
Start 6:23 PM     End 6:50 PM
End 6:40 PM          
Game 3 Warm-up 6:40 PM          
Start 6:43 PM          
End 7:00 PM          


(note 2 teams play at 8pm)  


(note 2 teams play at 9pm)

Period 1 Warm-up 7:00 PM     Period 1 Warm-up 8:00 PM
Start 7:05 PM     Start 8:05 PM
End 7:25 PM     End 8:25 PM
Period 2 5 min. Break     Period 2 5 min. Break
Start 7:30 PM     Start 8:30 PM
End 7:50 PM     End 8:50 PM




League Format

- 10 Regular Season Games + Playoffs
- Optional Development Drop-in Centers 
- Player of the Game Medals
- Playoffs w/Trophies
- A chance to meet and play with new friends 
- Accessible locations in the East, South and Central parts of the Ottawa area

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Please note that all orders will be shipped to the Ottawa Floorball League for local distribution within a few weeks of ordering.