Power Rankings

Power Rankings

Fall 2016 Power Rankings – UPDATED

After all the crap I’ve been taking, I decided to slack off at work and write a few lines in regards to the Power Rankings. Considering the lack of sleep and overall hectic schedule, I’m going to quote one of my favorite movie lines, “This will not be over quickly. You will not enjoy this. I’m not your king.”

  1. Raptors – Bragging after beating the Blue Babies this past week is kinda like bragging about getting laid in a women’s prison…yeah, it probably felt good, but its really not much of a challenge. The points race is all but over with Brandon, Joe and Josh rolling over defensive pairings left and right as their line put up 10+ points this week. I’m tempered on the whole thing because after all, it was BS
  2. Ringers – The Ringers are finding their stride and the forwards starting to gel after shutting out Gang Green this past weekend 2-0. Olaf made some fantastic saves to keep them off the scoreboard, but IMO the addition of Audrey back to the defense made a huge impact as the rust barely showed. As long as this team can keep its core players showing up every week they can hang with anybody in this league.
  3. Gang Green – Strong outing this week, but nothing to show for it. Y’all came to play but forgot to pack any points in the bag as the Ringers defensive core gave you little to work with. Even when you DID have a chance, Olaf snatched your heart like an Indiana Jones villain while mumbling “Uhm-num-shabi, Uhm-num-shabi” But fear not, you guys have the Blue Babies next week so you should be feeling better in no time.
  4. Blue Steel – Not sure if this is a lack of talent, or lack of heart. Was Chase really that much of a loss for you guys to go from a contender to an also-ran? I don’t think so. We can see it in your eyes. Defeat. Let’s go back to the well for some inspiration and see what King Leonidas has to say about this. “Spartans! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty… For tonight, we dine in hell!” Well I guess not, but you have to admit it’s something to look forward to this weekend.



Division A

The Raptors
0000000000-0-0-00.000WIN 0
The Ringers
0000000000-0-0-00.000WIN 0
Gang Green
0000000000-0-0-00.000WIN 0
Blue Steel
0000000000-0-0-00.000WIN 0


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